AT&T Master Agent

Many businesses aren’t aware of just how many advantages there are to working with a great AT&T solution provider. By finding the right AT&T solution provider, you can transform your business and your customers’ experience.  

AT&T solutions providers and master agents take the stress and confusion out of mobility.

Solution providers act as a bridge connecting you to the major telecom companies.

As your AT&T master agent, Longboat Mobility can help you with:

  • Presale assistance
  • Arranging customer quotes
  • Order provisioning & management
  • Customer support 
  • Fulfillment
  • And much more!

Benefits of working with an ATT solution provider include:

  • Mobility solutions tailored to your business
  • Cost minimization and negotiation
  • Less hassle with carriers
  • Experience and knowledge from true mobility experts
  • Consolidated support
  • More time and energy to focus on your business

By working with Longboat Mobility as your AT&T master agent, you can work with a single agent instead of having to juggle multiple carriers and customer service reps for each carrier.


We consolidate your mobility technologies and simplify your life, allowing you to run a more productive, effective business.

As winners of AT&T’s 2021 Gold Champion AT&T Solutions Provider award, Longboat Mobility can help you leverage AT&T’s unique, state-of-the-art technologies to move your business forward. We can integrate FirstNet, high-speed internet, wireless broadband, and more AT&T services - integrating them effortlessly into your pre-existing IT infrastructure.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Longboat Mobility as your AT&T master agent, you’re hiring a full team of veteran mobility experts dedicated to their craft.

We know the corporate mobility industry like no one else, and take pride in our ability to execute.

As an AT&T master agent, a few things set us apart from the competition:

  • Providing a true end-to-end solution (including customer support)

  • We support not just AT&T, but all 3 major carriers

  • Your volume tier for compensation includes the total from all carriers.

Unparalleled flexibility.

We offer a wide variety of services which can be customized or even white labeled to fit your needs. For example, some clients fully offload customer support to us, leveraging us as a unique end-to-end master agent solution.

We pride ourselves on putting you and your relationship with your customers first. 

Well, that sounds awesome.

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AT&T Solution Provider FAQs

What is a solutions provider company?

A solutions provider offers a unique blend of hardware, software, and consulting services. In this case, the “solutions” provided are not just physical products alone. Solution provider companies also help solve things like customer service problems by leveraging their expertise gained through years of experience in the industry. 


What does a master agent do?

In the mobility agent community, people sell wireline services, mobile devices, cloud services, and more to their mobility customers. Most of these agents are smaller in size, and many choose to partner with a master agent. A master agent can negotiate with the large telecom companies like AT&T to achieve tailored solutions, cost minimization, and other benefits for the smaller agents and businesses that choose to partner with them. 


What is an AT&T Solution Provider?

An AT&T Solution Provider is a secondary company that partners both with your company, and with AT&T. Essentially, a solution provider is a conduit or bridge between smaller businesses and agents, and the carriers themselves (in this case AT&T). Solution providers can handle order management, customer support, and other mobility tasks.

Who are AT&T partners?

AT&T partners are companies that partner with AT&T and other businesses, in order to help your business with IT, communications, and mobility. An AT&T partner is also known as a solution provider - the two terms are largely used interchangeably. 


How do I become an AT&T retailer?

To become an AT&T retailrt, or authorized dealer, you must first meet certain specific requirements. AT&T has an Authorized Retailer Program, which will allow you to sell their products and services. In order to meet the minimum requirements to become an AT&T retailer, you must present a business plan and provide detailed resources on how to execute the plan. You can apply here.


Finding an AT&T Solution Provider

Longboat Mobility has years of experience as an AT&T solution provider and master agent. We are winners of the 2021 Gold Champion AT&T Solutions Provider award, and go above and beyond to serve our customers. 

Discover the Longboat Mobility difference:


  • Master Agent with direct system access to T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon
  • National activation territory
  • Competitive commission
  • One stop shop for all carriers, including wholesale options
  • Volume tier incentives factor in production across all carriers
  • Direct fulfillment and billing from carriers (no inventory required)
  • Take advantage of aggressive custom discounts in competitive situations

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