How Longboat Helps You Achieve Mobile Nirvana

Make the switch to Longboat today, and start experiencing all the benefits of a stress-free wireless experience.

Management Portal

Created for speed, simplicity, and performance, our mobility portal makes project & order management a breeze. Say goodbye to clunky legacy portals and unanswered support tickets.  Say hello to managing all of your orders, lines, and accounts in one place, with just a few clicks. Coming soon for general release!


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World Class Help Desk

Simplify your life by offloading your telecom problems to a team of mobility experts. Our Help Desk was founded on a culture of caring, with the mission to build deep, valuable relationships with our clients. That’s why whenever you call us, you’ll immediately speak with a real mobility expert and master problem solver. Too busy to hop on the phone? Offload your problems to us with a single email.


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Carrier Support

We offer tailored support and solutions for all three major carriers: AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. We’ll work with the major carriers to help lower your costs, handle order management, and improve customer support. Our small tribe of tight-knit mobility experts can serve as your bridge between the major providers, and help take care of you in a way that the big guys can’t.


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Device Order Management

Whether it’s creating custom bundles or ensuring their delivery, we keep device order management the way it should be: simple. You can effortlessly manage multiple devices, orders, and carriers through our portal, or outsource all of it to us over the phone via our help desk. 


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Full Device Replacement Service

It’s not traditional device insurance with a lot of exceptions: it’s simply a new device sent to you from our inventory of BYOD devices when you need it. Rest easy knowing you have a spare-in-the-air when you need it, shipped with a prepaid RMA label for your old device. Typically, you will initially pay less than our competitors' prices for these devices and still have express replacement service attached to your purchase.


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