Finally: A Modern Mobility Management Portal

Make project & order management a breeze.

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Modern Software & Interface
Say goodbye to those clunky legacy carrier portals. Our portal is fast, intuitive, and easy to use.
Solve All Your Problems In One Place
Easily manage everything in one place, whether it’s shortening orders or cancelling lines.

Is Your Mobility Portal Still Stuck in the 1990s?

Many of the major telecom company portals are relics of the past decade: difficult to navigate, slow to load, and frustrating to use.

Even worse - the support staff never seems to get back to you, because they’re dealing with a constant flood of tickets about portal issues that never get fixed. Maybe you’re even scouring Google for solutions and workarounds. This is no way to live.

Discover a One-Stop, Streamlined Solution

Don’t let clunky, slow-loading portals hold you and your business back.

With just a few clicks you can manage all of your orders, lines, and accounts in one place. If you prefer a more personal approach, you can also opt out of using the portal at any time. Simply offload your problems to our award-winning help desk via phone or email.

Support is our priority.

At Longboat, we believe our clients deserve prompt care and support. That’s why your request will never get buried in a flood of support tickets. If you have a problem, simply call or send us an email and a real mobility expert from our help desk is on the case.

Other Key Features

  • Accessible 24/7

  • A One-Stop, Streamlined Solution

  • On-Call Support From an Award-Winning Help Desk

  • Fast, Modern, Reliable Software

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  • Next day replacement for BYOD devices
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