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No call trees. No queues. Speak to a real expert. Right away. Every time. 
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We take responsibility to find a solution no matter how large the problem.

Does This Sound Familiar?

In a world of autoresponders, call trees, queues, and chatbots, it can be hard to find great service. It can even seem like some providers actively try to avoid your call.

Once you finally get someone on the line, they often start reading from a manual, or ask you to come back with more information before they can take ownership of your issue.

There's A Better Way

At Longboat Mobility, we take a radically different approach. Our Help Desk was founded on a culture of caring, with the mission to build deep, valuable relationships with our clients. That’s why whenever you call us, you’ll immediately speak with a real mobility expert and a master problem solver.

If you’re too busy to hop on the phone, offload your challenge to us with a single email. We will find you a solution.

As a support-centric company, simplifying your business is our responsibility. It's why we're here.

Trust In a Team
Who Knows You.

You don’t need to qualify yourself every time you call us, and you don’t need to have tons of information on hand. We take the time to get to know you from the start, learning your needs right down to your usual orders and your accounting principles. This is how business becomes effortless.

A Personal Relationship

Our team will take the time to know you, your company and your needs. We understand your carriers and devices, pricing terms and rate plan bundles.

Communicating your needs will feel easy because we're aligned with your business’ goals, wireless process, policies and expectations.

Other Key Features

  • Specialized Mobility
  • Always Available,
    Always Accessible
  • No Call Trees or Queues
  • Work via Phone,
    Email or Portal

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  • Next day replacement for BYOD devices
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